Sociocracy & Holacracy

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This free recording from the Holacracy Community of Practice explores Holacracy and its relationship to Sociocracy through a December 2011 dialogue between HolacracyOne co-founder Brian Robertson and Bernard Marie Chiquet, an accomplished Sociocracy trainer, Licensed Holacracy Provider, and founder of IGI Partners.  Brian and Bernard Marie explore the formative influences of Sociocracy upon Holacracy as well as some key distinctions between the intentions and practices of these two systems. Bernard Marie brings his rich background as a CEO, consultant, and coach to his deep embrace of Holacracy.  

Related Video: Holacracy & Sociocracy: Contrasting Paradigms (October 2010). Brian Robertson met with Bernard Marie Chiquet a year prior to this online discussion, and they had explored the key differences between Holacracy and Sociocracy.

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