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Badge-Based Comp App

This app defines a compensation model based around the concept of defining “Badges”, which encode the skills, talents, capacities, or areas of knowledge needed by the organization and... more »
Resource Dec 2014

Holacracy® Habits App

This app supports Holacracy implementation by reinforcing three cornerstone habits; role-based communications, leveraging a trusted system, and in-system tension processing. The app... more »
Resource Jul 2014

Holacracy® App Developer Kit

This document provides an overivew of Holacracy apps, an app walk-through, and a template for creating an app. Holacracy apps are pre-packaged governance proposal that have been... more »
Resource Jul 2014

Manager Mimicry App

This app defines a structure and set of rules to handle basic partnership functions in a way that mimics some talent management functions (i.e. hiring, firing, promotion, and... more »
Resource Jun 2014

Case Study: Precision Nutrition

Brian Robertson of HolacracyOne spoke with Phil Caravaggio of Toronto-based nutrition and fitness industry pioneer Precision Nutrition. Precision Nutrition’s website states that ‘... more »
Case Study May 2014

Graphic Novel: Holacracy - A New Social Technology (French)

This graphic novel is an entertaining exploration of Holacracy and how it works. From its history to its implementation, the authors cover the fundamentals of this new social... more »
Resource Apr 2014

Book: Getting Teams Done (Dutch)

Getting Teams Done offers a practical and accessible introduction into Holacracy®. Illustrated by the story of a manager and his team, you learn how to use tensions as fuel for... more »
Resource Mar 2014

The CEO's Challenge In Adopting Holacracy

I work with many CEOs who’ve chosen to bring Holacracy into their organization, and they often face a real challenge: conventionally, the CEO holds the vision and helps orchestrate the... more »
Blog Post Dec 2013

A “Partnership App” For Holacracy®-Powered Companies

In a typical top-down management structure, the power to hire and fire employees is generally in the hands of managers. With Holacracy at play, the game is entirely different: with the... more »
Blog Post Oct 2013

3-Tier Partnership App

This app defines a structure and set of rules to handle basic partnership functions for an Organization running with Holacracy®, using 3 distinct tiers of Partner authority and... more »
Resource Oct 2013

Differentiating Organization & Tribe

Editor's note: this blog post is an excerpt of the upcoming Holacracy book. It compiles ideas and stories about the previously discussed distinction between organizational and... more »
Blog Post Aug 2013

What's Wrong With Your Organizational Structure?

A common myth among entrepreneurs is that organizational structure gets in the way of getting work done. Several innovative companies thus try to minimize or loosen their structure (... more »
Blog Post Aug 2013

Holacracy at “Waking Up the Workplace”

The following is an edited transcript of a conversation between Olivier from HolacracyOne and Ewan Townhead and Diederick Janse, two founders of Waking Up the Workplace, an... more »
Blog Post Mar 2013

Holacracy Constitution (v4.0)

The Holacracy Constitution documents the core rules, structure, and processes of the Holacracy Organizational Operating System. It enables an organization wishing to use the Holacracy... more »
Resource Mar 2013

Case Study: David Allen Company

The David Allen Company (DAC), known for its revolutionary Getting Things Done® (GTD®) method, is a California-based global training and consulting company, and is widely considered the... more »
Case Study Mar 2013

Evan Williams on Building a Mindful Company

Holacracy received some great exposure in the Silicon Valley last weekend at the Wisdom 2.0 conference. Twitter co-founder Evan Williams noted that Holacracy is "the most foundational... more »
Blog Post Feb 2013

Holacracy as an Evolutionary Algorithm

You are missing some Flash content that should appear here! Perhaps your browser cannot display it, or maybe it did not initialize correctly.  ... more »
Blog Post Feb 2013

Presenting Holacracy at CEO IntroNet

This interview by Patti Owens from CEO IntroNet features Brian Roberston introducing Holacracy: "The journey became 'how do we build a system that allows anything sensed by anyone... more »
Resource Video Feb 2013

Holacracy: Empowerment Baked In

Editor's note: I like to say that Holacracy is empowering, but I've often struggled to explain exactly "why" and "how" it is so. In this transcripted video, Brian uses the Karpman Drama... more »
Blog Post Jan 2013

The Lead Link role in Holacracy

There are no “leaders” or “managers” in Holacracy. Instead, the Lead Link carries some of those leadership functions, and yet it looks nothing like a conventional "boss". How are... more »
Resource Video Nov 2012

For-Profit + Non-Profit = For-Purpose

Editor’s note: In this transcription from a Q&A session in our Community of Practice, Brian answers a question from participant Nick Osborne about why HolacracyOne doesn’t provide... more »
Blog Post Nov 2012

Holacracy at Adscale Laboratories: Agile for the Entire Organization

Editor’s note: For this guest blog post, Scott Noakes shares his experience implementing Holacracy in his 35 people software development company. After one year running with Holacracy,... more »
Blog Post Nov 2012

Morning Star: Replicating Culture is Hard to Do

Editor's note: If Self-Management Is Such a Great Idea, Why Aren't More Companies Doing It?, asked Forbes last week. The article cites Morning Star Co., the well-known self-managed... more »
Blog Post Oct 2012

Living Holacracy: The Tip of the Iceberg

Editor’s note: This post was written by Deborah Boyar, who joined HolacracyOne as a partner in early 2011. In this reflection, she shares the pain that originally led her to explore... more »
Blog Post Aug 2012

The Organization is Not the Tribe

Here’s an aspect of Holacracy that many people have a hard time swallowing, but it’s fundamental: Holacracy is not about the people. Holacracy doesn't try to improve people, or make... more »
Blog Post Jul 2012

Imagine a Company Without a Boss? At Do Lectures

Brian Robertson giving a 20 min presentation of Holacracy at the Do Lectures in Wales. Source: Do Lectures: Imagine a Company Without a Boss? more »
Resource Video Jul 2012

Outvoting the Low Voltage Light

I recently spoke at a TEDx event about a transformative experience for me – one that came when I nearly crashed an airplane. I was a student pilot, and shortly into a solo flight my “... more »
Blog Post Jul 2012

Four "Spaces" Arising From Holacracy Practice

This free recording from the Holacracy Community of Practice features HolacracyOne co-founder Tom Thomison. As Lead Link to HolacracyOne's Application and Licensing Circles, Tom has... more »
Resource Video Jul 2012

Holacracy Quick Start Guide

This guide is intended as a basic guide to help you get started using Holacracy in your organization. Three things for you to consider as you use this guide:  more »
Resource Jul 2012

Rule of Law & Property Rights in Organizations

At first glance, the outputs of Holacracy’s governance process – role definitions – may look like little more than an improved job description. But once you understand what they truly... more »
Blog Post Jun 2012

Empowerment is Dead; Long Live Empowerment

Empowerment is a popular concept in discussions of effective leadership today. Seasoned leaders are often aware of the limits of traditional top-down, predict-and-control methods, and... more »
Blog Post Jun 2012

Integral Type™ and Holacracy

HolacracyOne partner Brian Robertson and Linda Berens, developer of Integral Type, will be providing an overview of this emerging typological system that also lies at the core of some... more »
Resource Video May 2012

GTD® & Holacracy

This call from our "Tributaries of Holacracy" series explores the influence of GTD, the work-life management system, on Holacracy.  Brian Robertson, co-founder of HolacracyOne... more »
Resource Video May 2012

Beyond Consensus

Imagine an organization where everyone, from the top to the bottom, had a voice and a right to use it in any decision. Imagine going to work and knowing that no decision that affects... more »
Blog Post May 2012

Scaling Holacracy Across Organizations - The LHP Circle

This recording from the Holacracy Community of Practice explores how Holacracy is now scaled across multiple organizations through cross-linkage, one of the most cuttting-edge... more »
Resource Video Apr 2012

Processing Our “Should’s”

The Holacracy operating system distributes power throughout an organization, by defining roles with the accountability and authority to make various decisions and take action –... more »
Blog Post Feb 2012

Agile Software Development & Holacracy

This free recording from the Holacracy Community of Practice features a conversation with HolacracyOne partners Brian Robertson and Alexia Bowers as they explore the... more »
Resource Video Feb 2012

Sociocracy & Holacracy

This free recording from the Holacracy Community of Practice explores Holacracy and its relationship to Sociocracy through a December 2011 dialogue between... more »
Resource Video Feb 2012

Obsoleting Organizational Politics

Despite the implicit nature of our expectations, we often apply them to others as if they were clearly the right thing, and sometimes even wield them over others as a weapon –... more »
Blog Post Jan 2012

Holacracy Constitution (v3.0)

There is a newer version of the Holacracy Constitution! Check it out: Holacracy Constitution. This Constitution documents the core rules, structure, and processes of the Holacracy... more »
Resource Jan 2012

Video: Governance Simulation

Where there are multiple people there are multiple perspectives. For a team working towards some aim, integrating diverse views provides a more accurate and complete map of reality,... more »
Resource Video Dec 2011

Waking up the Workplace Interview with David Allen

In this interview by Waking up the Workplace entitled "Mind Like Water: Clarity through Getting Things Done", David Allen brings to bear his practical clarity on how being... more »
Resource Nov 2011

Dialog: The History of Holacracy

In this free recording from the Holacracy Community of Practice,  two HolacracyOne partners share the story of what lead to Holacracy as we know it today and talk about the early... more »
Resource Oct 2011

Tactical Meeting Process

The page of the Holacracy Wiki provides an overview of the Tactical Meeting Process used in Holacracy Tactical Meetings, including the rules and goals for each step of the process. more »
Resource Oct 2011

GTD Times Podcast: Holacracy at the David Allen Company

In this podcast,  David Allen and Kelly Forrister of the David Allen Company talk with Brian Robertson and Tom Thomison of HolacracyOne about  the David... more »
Resource Sep 2011

Sincerely... The Organization

I often receive requests or invitations via e-mail, which are sent to me as an individual but are really about the work of HolacracyOne as an organization.  Often the sender is... more »
Blog Post Sep 2011

A Holacracy-Powered Legal Structure

One of the exciting things to me about working in HolacracyOne (the organization behind Holacracy) is that we eat our own dog food, as the idiom goes – we use Holacracy to organize the... more »
Blog Post Aug 2011

The Power of Governance

Typically, power and authority in an organization formally rest with the guy at the top – the CEO, managing director, or whatever label is used. Theoretically power is delegated from... more »
Blog Post Jun 2011

The Insanity of the What-by-When

When you agree to take an action, do you also give others a commitment of when you’ll do it by (the so-called “what-by-when”)?  As much as this practice is generally recommended... more »
Blog Post May 2011

The Clarity of “No”

In today’s post-conventional world, there’s often a value placed on integration – on finding some way to integrate any perspectives, desires, or requests that show up.  Few of our... more »
Blog Post Mar 2011

Dialog: Holacracy, Polarities, & Human Maturity

This free recording from the Holacracy Community of Practice explores how structures, principles, and practices within the Holacracy system support human maturity, including how they... more »
Resource Mar 2011

Differentiating Role and Soul

Do any of these symptoms show up in your organization? Lots of meetings with lots of discussion to reach consensus on things E-mails fly around with lots of people cc’d, often for... more »
Blog Post Dec 2010

The Irony of Empowerment

Awhile back I had the privilege of attending a play written by one of my favorite organizational authors, Barry Oshry.  It was a brilliant play about organization and empowerment,... more »
Blog Post Oct 2010

Video: Introduction to Holacracy

This recording of one of our free introductory webinars introduces the core principles, structure, and practices used in Holacracy. It features a 45-minute presentation of... more »
Resource Video Oct 2010

Processing Tensions

Have you ever worked in or with an organization, and felt some tension about the way things were done?  Perhaps you saw an opportunity for improvement, or an endemic challenge that... more »
Blog Post Aug 2010

Handout: From Aim to Action

This handout provides an overview of Holacracy's approach for moving from aim to action in an organization. more »
Resource Aug 2010

Integrating For- and Non-Profit

Humans have a wonderful tendency to make distinctions where underlying reality has no such boundaries.  Some of these distinctions prove useful for a time and become unquestioned... more »
Blog Post Aug 2010

The Limits of Company Values

Earlier in my entrepreneurial career I set out to build a values-driven company, where deep human values would shape the culture and help define the organization. I’m not talking about... more »
Blog Post Jul 2010

Individual Action

What do we do when our best judgment tells us to go outside of our authority or against an established rule or policy?  Probably, we do what humans usually do:  we consider... more »
Blog Post Jun 2010

An Impersonal Process

Holacracy Governance Meetings use a structured decision-making process to rapidly integrate multiple perspectives, called the Integrative Decision-Making process (you can find the... more »
Blog Post May 2010

Governance Meeting Process

This page of the Holacracy Wiki provides an overview of the Governance meeting process in Holacracy, including the rules for each step of the process. more »
Resource May 2010

The Limits of Leadership Development

There are so many consultants and change agents today trying to transform organizations through leadership development initiatives.  If only we can get a significant minority of... more »
Blog Post May 2010

Integration is a Continual Process

Holacracy expressly pushes against attempts to fully integrate all perspectives at any given moment in time, and yet over time it ends up integrating more than any other process I've... more »
Blog Post Apr 2010

Integrating Perspectives

Where there are multiple people there are multiple perspectives.  For a team working towards some aim, integrating diverse views provides a more accurate and complete map of... more »
Blog Post Apr 2010

Requisite Organization

Once an organization has all the basics of Holacracy in place, new questions about the organization’s structure often emerge: How do you know what circles an organization should have,... more »
Blog Post Mar 2010

Dialog: The Insidious Predict & Control

This free recording from the Holacracy Community of Practice explores the insidiousness of the Predict & Control paradigm.  Where and why does it show up, and what's... more »
Resource Mar 2010

Beyond Serving Stakeholders

Why does an organization exist?  I see several distinct paradigms in operation today, each with a different general answer to that question.  Let’s look at some of these with... more »
Blog Post Mar 2010

Holacracy 1-Pager (French)

Is your company fit for the future? Gary Hamel, ranked the #1 most influential business thinker in the world by the Wall Street Journal, argues that the technology of ... more »
Resource Sep 2009

Holacracy 1-Pager

Is your company fit for the future? Gary Hamel, ranked the #1 most influential business thinker in the world by the Wall Street Journal, argues that the technology of ... more »
Resource May 2009

Organization at the Leading Edge: Introducing Holacracy (German)

An in-depth introduction to many of Holacracy's key concepts and components, written by one of the pioneers of the practice. Translated from English more »
Resource Jan 2007