Implement Holacracy

Holacracy can radically improve the way you do business. Interested in implementing it? Whether you decide to get help or do it yourself, here's how to get the support you'll need.

Business as usual With Holacracy
Painful meetings with little or no structure
Led by the boss; vaguely actionable outputs
Focused and coherent meetings
Structured facilitation; clearly actionable outputs
Rigid organizational structure
Encourages fiefdoms and silo mentality
Evolving organizational structure
Continually updated via dynamic governance process
Organizational design centralized in the CEO
Structure doesn't reflect actual work patterns
Local and distributed organizational design
Agile structure locally updated based on real-time data
Managers are decision-making bottlenecks
Energy wasted on defining the work and dealing w/ politics
Clear structure for distributed decision-making
Authority distributed to clearly defined Roles

Three paths to using Holacracy in your organization

HolacracyOne Services

We'll craft a custom engagement for supporting your Holacracy implementation, adapted to your company’s needs and budget. Before we do, we start with Taster and Discovery Days to give you an experience of Holacracy and get to know your company.

Discover the Holacracy fundamentals with your executive team

  • Experience triaging real work issues through Holacracy meeting and decision-making processes
  • Explore how Holacracy would impact your organization

Explore paths toward implementation in your specific context

  • Design a transition plan and sequence for rolling out Holacracy
  • Estimate the time, energy, and commitment needed to implement
  • Sketch out your organization’s initial circle structure

Implement Holacracy & get ongoing support as needed

  • Build your organization's capacity for a self-sufficient Holacracy practice
  • Receive in-person and virtual meeting support, custom coaching and business advisory services
  • Bring transparency and accountability to your entire organization through our web app, GlassFrog

Licensed Holacracy Providers

HolacracyOne trains and licenses other organizations to conduct Holacracy® implementations. Our Licensed Holacracy Providers must meet the rigorous certification standards of our licensing program.

Do It Yourself

Holacracy can be challenging to effectively implement without support or training. However, we know that some folks will forge ahead regardless, so we've put together a Quickstart Guide for those who prefer the DIY route.

This Quickstart Guide is designed to help you get started using Holacracy in your organization. It's not a stand-alone document, but just a short guide to help you put the pieces in place. Following this guide does not guarantee that you're accurately using the principles and practices of Holacracy correctly. Becoming self-sufficient in Holacracy practice will likely require the help and expertise of a trained Holacracy coach or practitioner. Here are a few recommendations: